Camshaft adjuster sealing rings Audi 2.0 ALT

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Product description

A set of control valve seal rings for Audi 2.0 ALT engines.

The rings have been developed and manufactured in Poland by MEHENKER company from a special composite with self-lubricating properties. Thanks to the use of technologically advanced material with a very low coefficient of friction, we reduce the wear of the mating part and significantly extend its life.

The rings used in the original Audi camshafts are made of steel. As a result of high friction, the surface of the mating part is damaged and the system becomes unsealed. It is the cause of most of the failures of variable valve timing on these engines.

Technical parameters

Engine codes ALT
Number of items in the set 2
Manufacturer MEHENKER
Guarantee 24 months
Camshaft adjuters OEM part numbers: 06B109088A, 06B109088C, 06B109088D
Control valve OEM part numbers 06B103741C, 06B103741D, 06B103741E, 06B103741F, 06B103741G, 058198217

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