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MEHENKER - Variable valve timing components

Mehenker was established in Rzeszów in 2013. At first, we were focused on the regeneration process of VANOS camshaft adjusters in the BMW engines, however as the time passed, the offer was enriched with parts dedicated for Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda.

The experience gained through the carried out  repairs enabled us to get to know the in-depths of the weaker and stronger aspects of various design solutions. The knowledge acquired throughout the years allowed us to create repair kits, which are free from the defects that appear in the original parts.

Innowacje i rozwój produktów firmy Mehenker

In 2019, thanks to the European Union’s support, we have purchased innovative CNC machines as well as measuring equipment. The investment’s value exceeded the amount of 1,200 000 PLN.

Our aim was to create our own valve timing adjuster with an increased durability. Already in the middle of 2020, the first product created entirely by us, saw the light of the day. Thus, we have become the first Polish manufacturer of variable valve timing systems.

In 2021, we introduced multiple new products to our offer. We have introduced, among others, the timing sprockets, adjuster rings, slides and finally - complete camshaft adjuster kits.

The vast majority of the produced parts are manufactured in our workshop in Rzeszów. Due to this fact, we have full control over quality and the production time. We focus on independence and we will persist in it throughout the coming years.